Mills & Syd

Mills & Syd

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Things have been pretty fun around here lately.  The girls are absolutely LOVING going to gymnastics and dance.  I love watching them have such a good time in their classes.  Thankfully, they are able to go at the same time, so I can keep the amount of driving all over NWA to a minimum.  Although it doesn't feel that way.  In a few more years, I can't even imagine the chaos of scheduling!  But for's a sweet time, and I'm happy to do it.
Dance sisters <3
Millie has really been impressing us with her abilities.  She's such a good listener and tries so hard.  Syd does a great job too!  Sometimes she gets tired though. ;)  She is only three...
Millie kind of had a rough day on Tuesday.  The girls talked us into a sister sleepover the night before, so Millie started off the day sleep-deprived.  Then she fell off the monkey bars and hurt her wrist.  When I picked her up from school that day, she immediately started bawling when she saw me.  It was just so sad.  Then we had to go to the ENT and it has been decided that she needs her tonsils out.  Millie cried when I told her, probably mostly from everything else that had happened that day, but she's also scared it will hurt.  She seems to take comfort knowing Uncle Brandon had it done when he was a kid.  Plus, the promise of unlimited popsicles and ice cream. ;)  Wednesday morning, she woke up with a very sore wrist, so I let her stay home from school and take a mental health day.  Syd stayed home too and it was a great day.  Millie loved decorating her Valentines box with me that afternoon!
Every morning, like clockwork, Syd comes downstairs at 6am.  She's sooooo good at waiting for the green clock.  And every morning, I am so happy to see her...and for some reason, it cracks me up that she actually waits for the green clock and can come downstairs all on her own.  This morning, she completely MADE my week when she said "momma, you're always so happy to see me when I come down in the mornings".  *heart exploding*  Oh how I love these girls. <3
Other random pics: 
Syd said "mom look, I made a 4!" (with her legs)
Babysitter Brittany brings her new puppy, Winnie, sometimes.  The girls absolutely died laughing when Winnie pooped on the floor.  They're still talking about it.
Syd had the best time at a Chuck E Cheese birthday party recently.  She loves her school friends.  I'm thinking I might have to give her a party of her own this year.
Sometimes in January we get a few warm weather days!  Weekend bike rides with the family are the best!
Syd is counting down the days until Spring when she can wear sundresses and ballet flats daily.  I try to make her wear boots in the winter, but some days I just can't fight about it.  So Peppa Pig socks and kitty cat shoes will have to do.  She's actually smiling here because she was the "leader" in class that day (see how her pic is first in line on the board behind her?).
She loves to take random stuff to school.  This week, it was her baby and it's carrier.  Her teacher said she wore it even at nap time.
Sunroof action!  She likes to hang out of it on the nice days when waiting for Mills to come out of her school.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy 5.5, Mills!

It was Millie's half-birthday on Friday.  She was thrilled and enjoyed soaking up the attention on her special day!  First, she requested blue pancakes...
Then we had an after-school playdate at the trampoline park followed by dinner at Chuy's with the besties!
Remember this very first half-birthday pic?!
Her drawings have become quite interesting.  This is a snake squeezing a mouse to death. *squeak*
Millie is extremely hands-y with Syd.  Constantly loving, hugging, kissing, touching.  I say this all of the time, but she really is a wonderful big sister.  She watches out for her and remembers not to leave her behind.  Syd is a very lucky girl!
Back in dance!  I think it was the right decision to forego all extracurricular activities while Millie was transitioning into kindergarten life.  In November, we added gymnastics one night a week.  Now, we've added dance one night a week.  She loves both!  She's so happy performing, and she's actually quite good at both.  It's fun to watch her, especially since she's enjoying herself so much.
Our brave girl participated in a sleep study last week.  She has trouble breathing when she's relaxing or sleeping, and the doctors think it may be her tonsils causing obstructive sleep apnea.  Thus, they hooked her up to a million wires and watched her sleep.  
It was brutal.  A full hour of scrubbing her down, glueing wires to her head and body, and then keeping her up way past her bedtime.  I don't think either of us slept much that night.  I really hope they got the info they needed because we NEVER want to do that again.  I was so proud of her though.  She really was very brave and strong, never crying or getting overwhelmed.  I've witnessed her bravery many times, and it's easy to overlook in children.  But when I stop to think about it, I believe this really is one of her personality traits: bravery.  She was also very brave starting kindergarten at a new school where she didn't know anyone.  Even watching her get a flu shot this year was impressive.
They kicked us out at 5am the next morning.  Yeesh.  She hasn't napped in years, but it was fun to snuggle with her the day after the sleep study.  A much needed nap before heading back to school after Christmas break the next day.
Happy half-birthday, Mills!  Five and a half years with you has been a joy.  A born performer, a magical big sister, a terrific kid, a fabulous cartwheel-er, a teacher's dream student, a beautiful snuggler, a lover of life, and a one-of-a-kind Millie Bear.  You've taught us to love more than we ever knew possible.  So grateful you're ours, sweet girl.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Winter Wonderland

It's been a fun month!  Lots of random photo ops ;)  Syd loved the decorations at her school.
Millie's wish list to Santa: drums, whistle, piano
Syd's wish list to Santa: whistle, picture to look at (hmmm), and a kitty cat
Back in gymnastics and loving it!
Fab Four after-school adventures continue...nice hand, Mills
Ohhhh Remi.  The girls absolutely adore when Brittany brings Remi, her dog.
He's the best with the girls, and I love that they get practice with an animal.
Brittany is pretty much the best too!
No story here, just Millie's pretty smile :)
Amanda brought some fabric and supplies for the Fab Four to make Christmas ornaments one chilly afternoon.  They turned out so cute!  (It is quite difficult at this age not to just take over.  It's a learning process, for sure, to allow them to do things themselves.  You don't realize you have control issues until you become a parent.)
Annual ice skating show with Elle!
Then a little ice skating ourselves.  It hasn't gotten any easier this year, but Millie has such fun!
Millie's school had a music showcase at the end of the semester.  JKK couldn't make it, so I videoed everything.  Here they are, if you wanna check them out!  It's such a neat school, and Mrs. Carpenter is a wonderful music teacher.  Millie loves her, and I loved watching Mills.  She's a good listener and she likes to perform.  She was proud of herself!  So were we, of course.  Doesn't she look so grown up in this pic?!
Video 1: sing for peace
Later that week, she had a dance showcase, since she won't have that elective next semester.  Also very fun to watch!  She's very good at pointing her toes, and once again shows she's a great listener and must be good at paying attention in class.  I bet she's a great helper to the teachers.
Oh Piddy.  Sooooo silly these days.
Oh Piddy.  How I love that belly.
Guess what?!  Santa wrote back!  He asked Millie if she liked hot chocolate with marshmallows as much as he did.  So she had to reply...
I help with car line at Syd's school once a month.  It's fun!  The kids are so funny, I've really enjoyed it.  However, this last one was brutal with the 20 degree weather.  Syd likes when it's cold enough to wear hats!
Those silly elves popped up everywhere this month!
Remember this 2 years ago?!  One of my favorites...
We had a vicious cold spell recently and needed to get out of the house.  Bowling was so fun!  The girls can do one game really well, but they start petering after that...
daddy's girls <3
Sometimes the elves brought us books!  The girls loved rushing downstairs to find them each morning.
I found the perfect shirt for Piddy.  It says: My Wishlist No. 1.  I tried telling her that Santa can't make live animals, but Millie keeps butting in and saying "yes he can, he can do magic!".  Sigh...I want one too, Piddy.
Syd's Christmas party was fun to attend.  The kids made ornaments, and Syd was worked so hard coloring hers.  All of the other kids were up running around, but Syd stayed put until she was satisfied.  We were all impressed with her patience -- look how cute it turned out!
Such a sweet bond these two have.  We really do love Mrs. Kim.
Our baby
Since it was the last day of school, the teachers had them skip nap time and watch a movie instead.  I always groan (out loud) when this happens.  Syd can't handle skipping naps, especially on party day.  I picked her up and her hair was something else and she had this crazy blank stare.  The nap struggle is very real with this one.  Not sure she's ever going to drop it.
The next day it was Millie's class party!  She was happy to have me all to herself.
Isn't she the cutest?!  The red glasses really fit her style.
The kids loved this snowman ping pong ball game I made for the party!   Wow, those boys can get rowdy.  Sometimes, as a girl mom, I forget these things...
With christmas break officially upon us, we set up some fun stuff for the Fab Four!  Little Giggles play date was up first.
Art camp for Millie & Cayden - it was a grinch theme and they loved it!
impromptu lunches with momma
Gingerbread camper decorating with daddy
turned out so cute!
snapchat was made for Syd
Remember this?!  Syd was in the oven.  Awww...
Christmas Eve tea party at Nana's!!
FaceTime and opening gifts from others was extremely fun for the girls!  Things just got a bit fancier around here...
Gingerbread cookie making with momma
KK...just let them do it themselves!!!
Then cookie decorating with Nana.  Santa loved them, by the way!
It was glorious outside on Christmas Eve!!
KK & her momma celebrated with a little wine and sunshine
Finally...Christmas morning arrived!!  Millie got up at 4:30am.  Thankfully, I have mom-hearing, and I shot out of bed to herd her back to her own.  They barely made it until 6am though, they were so excited!
Papa and Grandma Tricia were here to witness the madness.  Loved having them here to help celebrate!
Daddy got slim jims and cheez-whiz.  One happy guy, right there.
spoiled rotten.  all of us.
Remember this 1 year ago?!  I never get tired of these Facebook memories.  Millie's pose.  Syd's hair.  Love.
Have you ever seen anything cuter than this girl, her glasses, and a necklace with a bear wearing glasses??
She was so pumped she got drums!!!  She gets after it, too.
Syd got a super cool Minnie Mouse house from Santa.  She's had a great time playing with all of the characters this week.  Listening to her pretend is pretty darn adorable.
JKK <3
Hi dad!
Piddy has carried her new baby around all week.  It cries and she drops everything to find her paci or bottle.  I love watching her be a little momma.
Papa and Grandma Tricia gave the girls a cotton candy machine.  It works really well and the girls have had a good time with it!

I tried to use my real camera for some family shots.  They turned out a bit blurry.  2017: Must take that camera class!  Aughhhhh.
So happy Nana, Papa, and Grandma Tricia came over to spend Christmas with us.  Thankful for these wonderful grandparents in our girls lives.
I just adore this pic of mom and Mimi.
sisters playing together
Silly Piddy nighttime kisses
Little Gym camps have been fun on break too!  This day it was superhero day, and this pic of Syd cracked me up.  She looks more like a professional wrestler than a superhero.  hahahaha
Millie attended her first cheer camp!  She can't decide if she wants to be a razorback or a poke...
More bowling, this time with our besties.  Millie got a little pouty when Cayden was out-bowling her.  Need to start talking about sportsmanship. ;)
Girl day with a neighbor friend!  We went hiking and then had lunch at War Eagle Mill.  It's been a busy break, but I think we all do best when we can stay active and out of the house.  Next week, back to reality and school.  Blerg.  It was fun while it lasted!