Mills & Syd

Mills & Syd

Monday, October 3, 2016


Millie was picked as the first TERRIFIC kid in her class this year!  What an honor for our girl.  We got to attend an assembly where she was surprised with the announcement.  It was very sweet to watch her.  She was so cute standing up there talking to the other recipients, like such a big girl.
It's hard to see in this pic, but TERRIFIC stands for:
Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive, Capable - Kids!
Facebook gave me this memory from the same day 5 years ago.  Awwwww
Her certificate says: Positive attitude, Good character, and Responsible citizenship.  We are proud of her!

Summer is lasting forever

It's still hot.  Today it's 82 degrees.  I hate to complain, but I would like some Fall weather before it gets really cold.  So we've been wearing out our sundresses and even getting in some last minute pool time!

Another mom sent this pic of Millie at the lunch table.  So grown up!  She's really loving school!!

Super duper fun friday night with Coco, watching Dan & Luc perform at halftime with the band.  This is Dan's senior year!  And this was the girls' first football game.  We had a great time, and it was impressive to watch the band perform.  Proud of those guys!
Coco deserves an award for best (& most generous) knitter!
Sunday bike rides are the best!
cartwheeling everywhere these days...

Our preview of the Amber pics...can't wait to see the rest.  Millie was really into it that day. ;)  Our little performer.
Millie's recent artwork - this first one is a dinosaur
 school bus
getting so good at writing her letters and numbers!
Millie is always drawing random things on scrap paper
Syd's recent artwork from school:  she loves getting it out of her folder to show us

School pic preview - why so serious, Syd?!
Syd learning to drive the "tractor"...hahahaha

I love her style.
I love her spirit.

This face cracks me up.  Very silly lately.

Syd has a bad case of the THREEs

Oh Syd.  Real talk: she is very difficult these days.  The most stubborn, opinionated being in our household.  Melting down a million times a day over the stupidest stuff.  Today, when we were getting out at walmart, I got her out of the car seat (holding her) and didn't put her down until after I had locked the doors.  She berated me the whole way inside saying she wanted to be put down first BEFORE I locked the car.  I'm not kidding.  I have to talk to her a lot about being kind and using our kind voice.  She hits poor Millie, and she loves to shriek and kick the seat when she's angry...basically, she's a beast.  Every single day is a fight about what she wears.  I don't even care, I let her pick it out...but she always changes her mind after she has it on and then we need to go to school.  My only savior is that I KNOW it's a phase being compounded by beginning of school tiredness.  Her naps are cut short every day, since I have to pick Millie up by 3pm.  It's not pretty.  I do feel sorry for her being so tired all the time.  I'm tired too, Syd.  You wake me up every day at 4am yelling at me that you need covered up again.   
Thankfully, being three is also very cute.  She makes us laugh as often as she's melting down.  She adores accessories and pretty clothes and shoes...twirling and dancing.  She loves riding her scooter and playing with Millie.  She loves to sing very loudly in the car.  She gives the best kisses and hugs, and she always says "I love you too" when I tell her I love her.  In fact, she's started saying "I love you you soooo much".  It's so damn adorable.  It's the only reason she hasn't been left in a parking lot somewhere. ;)  

We do love you, Syd.  Love you sooooo much.

Monday, September 19, 2016

September catch-up

I love these Facebook reminders about what was posted on this day in the past.  Brings up such sweet memories!!  Bubba and rollie pollie Syd <3
JKK's birthday was a week and a half ago.  Happy birthday to our main guy!  In a shocking twist, he requested something other than our beloved Momofuku cake: raspberry cheesecake.  My first time to make one, and it actually turned out pretty delicious (if I do say so myself).
We went camping his bday weekend.  The weather felt very fall-like.  It was perfect.
Millie likes to eat her smores all stacked up correctly, but Syd prefers the deconstructed approach.  She saves the chocolate until the end when it is all melted in her hand.  What a cute mess.
Early morning rock-skipping lessons
Sometimes it hits me how grown up the girls are these days - like here when we decided to go shopping after school to find an engagement gift for our babysitter.  It's so easy now.   Everyone is well-behaved, and we had a lovely time looking at all of the jewelry and shoes and gifts in the store.  Girl stuff!
Our babysitter, Brittany, loved it!  And we love her.  She's the sweetest, and she brings her dog Remi to play with the girls.  It's so strange no longer having pets!  I miss them.  JKK isn't there yet.
Speaking of all grown up - look at Dan!  Coco has been posting his senior pics on fb, and we are loving it!  So fun to see the nieces and nephews grow up and do cool stuff.  It was just announced that Dan is a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist, and we couldn't be prouder!
Syd's had a rough week...sort of puny and loves to tell everyone she has "runny poop", so I kept her home one day last week and she got the royal treatment.  Lunch with me and daddy at Mimi's cafe.  She chose to sit outdoors.  She chose pancakes for lunch.  She kept asking where Millie was going to sit.  Poor second child. ;)
Fun to give her some one-on-one attention this year while Millie is at big girl school!
School picture day!  She chose the dress, of course.  I think her baby even got in some of the shots!
Millie's first parent/teacher conference was last week, and it went well!  We found out Millie is the first "Terrific Kid" in her class this year.  Whatever that means.  More details to come.  Millie is doing well, making friends, and loves her teacher!  She loved showing us around her school, and Syd loved showing off her accessories.  I should've gotten a close-up...Syd has every bracelet and necklace on that we own, plus Millie's rockstar glasses and a princess crown headband.  I think we had a few double-takes walking down the halls. ;)
JKK's father's day gift was a night out to see Seinfeld!  So funny.  Definitely worth the trip to OKC.
Since we were in OKC, we had to stop by Abby's and see new baby Sawyer!  Aunt Dina is now Nonnie <3
Look at this baby doll!  So perfect.  I love new babies, especially when birthed by people I love.
Nana made all of this possible by letting the girls stay the night with her.  Thank you, Nana!!  I love when she sends me pics of the girls while we are away.  They love it at her house.  Makes me think of all the times I stayed at my grandparents' house.  So special.
Nana even takes them to birthday parties!  Very thankful.
Yesterday morning, Syd woke up with a fever.  Very odd, but no other symptoms so we went ahead with our plan to go for a bike ride.  It was so fun!  We rode all the way up to Bentonville for breakfast, the farthest we've gone yet!
Syd crashed on the way back though.  She sort of went downhill yesterday afternoon, just in time for family pics.  She was quite serious during the shoot, but I think we got some good ones!  Thankfully, Syd woke up much better this morning.  Must've been a 24 hour bug.
Millie was a trooper!  She rode on the pull-along behind JKK all the way there and back (about 14 miles).  It rained on us the whole way back and she never complained!  Looking forward to more bike rides now that the weather is getting cooler!