Mills & Syd

Mills & Syd

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sydney is 3 1/2!!

Our little Piddy is officially 3.5 years old!  She thoroughly enjoyed her half-birthday and kept asking when we would get cake (sadly, we never did).  She did have a super fun day though: first was her thanksgiving program at school where she sang her heart out (see videos below).  Then we had lunch with Millie at school, which Syd has never gotten to do before.  Followed by nap (she loves to nap), park time with Cayden and Beckham, then we took the Fab Four out to eat.  It was a pretty killer day, and Syd loved saying "I get to pick because it's my half-birthday".  Love this pic of the girls. <3
You'd think they were siblings most of the time...
It's been fun to see their growth progression side-by-side.  Syd has grown 2 inches since May!  Millie was a full inch taller than Syd at 3.5 yrs old!
Syd's favorite things these days: coloring, singing and dancing, playing with Millie, Little Gym, cheese sticks, lunchables picnics while watching Super Why, snapchat faces, twirly dresses, jewelry, shoes, preschool, gum, walking around with backpacks full of stuff, carrying around a baby doll.  Every morning we listen to the girls music and sing along on the way to school - current faves: Walk the Moon's Shut Up and Dance with Me, Meghan Trainor's Better When I'm Dancing, Shakira's Try Everything, DNCE's Toothbrush (because it says underwear and they giggle so hard), Annie's It's a Hard Knock Life, Fitz & the Tantrums' Handclap.
Photo cred: Amber Lanning Photography

She's extremely stubborn, and MUST pick out her clothes and shoes every day.  We usually argue about whether it's weather appropriate.  Thankfully she runs hot.  She tells me how she wants her hair  - usually just a braid (never a ponytail for Little Gym because she can't do somersaults).  She orders me around like the little boss she is.  I try to stand my ground, but as JKK points out, I often cave after a few No's.  It's a vicious cycle.  I didn't even realize I was doing it.  I'm tired...tired of the whining and the poopy pants.  Still battling some potty training issues, which would wear any parent down.  But we have a million good moments every day, so I can't complain.  She's very silly.  She makes me laugh and I love to squeeze her.  Wish she would eat more vegetables but thankful she eats such a wide variety of things.  She's my little errand buddy, and I can't imagine the day when she'll actually be in school full-time also.  Will make me so sad.  I'm very much enjoying our one-on-one time on Mondays and Fridays this year.  Her teacher, Mrs. Kim, brags on her every week how she's the best helper and listener.  I think there is some real truth in how the kids keep it together away from home, but when they are reunited with mom, they just let go.  Emotion overload.  She usually has a strange meltdown when I pick her up from school.  Guess she just needs to get it out of her system!  It's hard to be three.  
Ohhhh, the Thanksgiving Program.  This was Syd's first public performance, and I had no idea what to expect.  I knew her favorite part of school was the "singing and dancing" at chapel, but her commitment really took me by surprise.  I was smiling ear-to-ear watching her get after it.  Two quick videos:
Video 1: Thanksgiving program
Video 2: Thanksgiving program continued
Syd has been very aware that she's still in a crib.  She's been saying that Santa is going to bring her a big girl bed.  So to stall that decision, we took off the front of her crib and converted it to a toddler bed.  Syd loves it!  She's been staying in it too, for both naps and at night.  The first morning she slept in it, she came down in the morning to JKK and I in the kitchen.  It was the cutest thing ever.  She was just all of a sudden there...and we were hugging her and telling her what a good job she did!
She has fallen out a few times.  The first night I had to go pick her up because she fell back asleep on the floor. ;)  Good thing it's not a big drop.
We love you, Syd!  Love your strong will and sassiness.  Love your chubby cheeks and precious blonde curls.  Love your twinkletoes and girly nature.  Love your goodbye/goodnight kisses.  Love you so so much.

Star Student Millie

Millie was super duper excited to be picked as Star Student last week!  This is just a way to highlight a student in the class each week and for their peers to learn about each other.
She had to fill out this poster, which she really enjoyed.  Some highlights:
 - favorite subjects are dance, math, and playground
 - wants to be a babysitter when she grows up
 - she loves trampoline and sydney, popsicles, donuts, and our minibus
 - really good at monkey bars and snapping (she just learned!)
 - looking forward to loose teeth
She also brought home her first report card, which had all good marks.  And this sweet little note at the end.  She's a good girl. ;)

Princesses? More like Divas.

It's flu shot season!  Both girls were VERY brave this year about the shots.  I have memories of freaking out and gaining superhuman strength and throwing absolute fits when it was time for shots.  Ridiculous.  Sorry mom.  Proud of our girls!
We love picking Millie up from school!  She's always in a great mood.
Syd is killing it on the balance bike lately.  Such a big girl!
The girls love riding in daddy's race car with the windows down.  We had an amazing run of weather this fall.  It made everything more fun!
Princess brunch with Elsa and Anna for charity!
I signed us up for this princess brunch, but it turned out to be one of those hard outings.  Millie cried the whole way there and everyone was grumpy and not minding well.  I'm not sure what the deal was, but I instantly regretted buying the tickets.  Sometimes these outings are so fun and worth it!  Other times, they make me lose my mind.  Small children can be so ungrateful.  Thankfully, Nana was there to help keep our spirits up!

She wouldn't wear her glasses because she said princesses don't wear glasses.  Made me sad.  We've talked about it since then, but it's been an adjustment.

Jekyll and Hyde:  Syd wouldn't talk to Anna at all.

One of my favorite pics of all time.  Funny how pics can be deceiving. ;)
This was our last morning bike ride of the year.  We had hats and gloves, since it was in the 40s...but man, it was lovely.  Some of my most favorite moments of 2016 were on these morning bike rides.
Still celebrating the wondrous weather, we set out on an afternoon trip to the zoo.
Papa met us there!  Just the four of us: riding trains, talking to the animals, and eating popcorn.  The perfect day!

Goodnight faces <3

Chips place with the besties.  So happy to have the gang back together permanently.  We see them almost every day!
Millie school stuff: this bat fairy butterfly made my day.  Especially when I asked what it was and she rattled off "it's a bat fairy butterfly" immediately.  I laughed.
We have a new president!  Apparently Millie voted...
She said this was for Thanksgiving.  I think it's a teepee.
Isn't this a great?!  Nice work, Mills!
She loves art class at school

Love seeing her drawings.  This lion is the best.
Syd's fall party was fun!  I'm homeroom mom, so I had to plan the party and I made these cute rice krispie treat turkeys that the kiddos loved.  So easy.  I loved stuff like this when I was little, so I try to make the effort.  Worth it when you see the kiddos spot them.

Impressive coloring - almost stayed in the lines!
I went to Austin for a weekend to visit my friend Ashley.  JKK always does fun things with the girls while I'm this bike train that made me bust out laughing when he sent me this pic.  
He's such a good daddy.
The gang.  The daily park time has been lovely.  Sad the cold weather is finally hitting and we'll have to move the party indoors.
She was proud of her Thanksgiving hat.  The crazy hair really works with it.
New red glasses are wicked cool!
Thanksgiving flashback: Bubba and JKK circa 2001
Yesterday, I took the girls for haircuts.  Mills has been dying to cut hers shorter.  It's very cute on her!  Hopefully this will mean less tangles because she's very tender-headed.
Syd got a trim too.  Not much, but of course, she wanted the before and after pics. ;)  Love that they picked princess dresses to wear to get their hair cut.  Very fancy.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween (for days...)

Halloween starts earlier and earlier every year.  So many activities leading up to the actual day!  We did our best.  First, was Millie's class party.  Since we were going to JKK's work afterwards to trick-or-treat, I went ahead and got Syd dressed up in her costume.  Millie wanted to be a witch this year, and Syd wanted to be her "mean black cat"!  This cracked me up every time they said it over the past couple of months.  I'm so surprised they never changed their mind!  Syd practiced her mean hiss and meows, yet she never made a mean face.  She ended up being the cutest mean black cat ever.
Millie loves when we visit her class, and Syd was lucky to get in on the party treats!
vampire selfie
Next up: daddy's work!  Millie makes a pretty adorable witch, and she loved that her witch shoes had high heels.  
A fun tradition!  Millie is old enough now to man the candy bowl in daddy's office and hand out candy to the kids that come in.
Longest night ever: last stop was Millie's school trunk-or-treat.  The girls sugar high was wearing off and they were dragging a bit.  We had hot dogs and played some fun games.  Then we made the mistake of letting them have a red snocone before we left.  This really sent their bodies into a strange overdrive.  By the time we put them in bed, Syd was hyper and flopping around and Millie had restless leg syndrome.  It was like they were possessed.  Thanks Red40!  Yikes...
Saturday morning at possibly the most picturesque town square of all time, we trick-or-treated at the Farmers Market.  It was like a scene from a movie: 75 degrees, leaves changing colors, cute kids in costumes, delicious looking produce, and lots of adorable well-behaved dogs.  The girls were two genies from a cartoon called Shimmer and Shine.  They loved their costumes and I even tried to dye their hair, which turned out to be really messy.  But they had so much fun!

Cayden and Beckham met us up there, and we all met some superheroes!!
And princesses too!
We even found one of the Bentonville Rocks rocks!  Our little town has a good time painting rocks and hiding them.  If you find one, you're supposed to hide it again somewhere else for other kiddos to find.
snapchat nailed it...spooky beautiful
proud of her painted pumpkin from school
Finally...Halloween is here!  Our friends Beckham #1, Elle, Beckham #2, and Cayden came over for dinner and then out to hit the streets with us!
It was the perfect night!
The kids flew from house to house.  It's fun to watch and I must say, it gets better and better each year!  Nice to be able to let them just go!  (Still have to work on the manners grabbing candy out of the bowls, only take one, and make sure to say thank you!)
Quick candy stop
Syd had enough at one point and rode the rest of the way on daddy's shoulders.  One tired kitty cat...
Then we headed home to hand out candy, which really is my favorite part.  The girls loved it! All of it. Overall, it was the perfect Halloween.  Not many years it's in the 70's Halloween night.  We'll take it.
Flashback to when I was a witch!
Flashback to one of JKK's Halloweens, with his sister and brother! We aren't exactly sure what JKK was that year. ;)